In a strange case, the color of the skin of two doctors with corona has changed

In a strange incident, the face of two Chinese doctors turned black after they were infected with the Corona virus last January.

The two doctors, "Yi Fan" and "Hu Weifeng" (aged 42), were infected with the virus while treating patients in Wuhan Central Hospital last January, according to the Al-Hurra website quoting the British Daily Mail ..

Their doctor told the Chinese media that the color change of their skin was "unnatural", and that it may have been caused by hormonal imbalances after their liver was damaged by the type of medication they received at the beginning of treatment, and he expected the doctor to return to the normal skin color after improving liver function.

The two doctors are colleagues of "Li Wenliang" who first warned about the virus, and the Chinese government threatened him with imprisonment if he continued his warnings, before dying on February 7 after contracting the virus.

After the two doctors were injured on January 18th, Dr. Yi was placed on the ECMO ventilator for 39 days due to his deteriorating health.

ECMO is a device that performs the functions of the heart and lungs by pumping oxygen into the blood.

Dr. Yi confirmed in an interview to "CCTV" channel from his hospital bed that he has recovered greatly, adding that he can move in bed normally, but he is still struggling to walk independently.

He pointed out that when he woke up for the first time and recognized his condition and witnessed a face, he felt fear, stressing that he had overcome the psychological obstacle.

As for Dr. Hu, who works as a urologist, his condition is serious, according to Dr. Li Shoxing, who treats him, and expressed concern about his mental health.

He was also placed on a respirator from February 7 to March 22, and regained his ability to speak on April 11.