Federal court finds illegal labor tax in Australia

The Australian Federal Court ruled this morning that the "Traveler Tax" is illegal, and the Australian government is likely to have to refund hundreds of millions of dollars to tens of thousands of migrant workers in Australia.

In a related context, the Federal Court in Brisbane issued the historic ruling today, saying that it is illegal to impose fees on foreign labor because of the existing tax treaties with countries from which visitors come from Germany, the United States, Britain, Finland, Chile, Japan, Norway and Turkey.

Australia's working holiday visa program may allow young travelers from certain countries to visit the country while earning some money by working during the visit.

Until 2017, visitors, like locals, did not have to pay any tax until their annual income exceeded A $ 18,200 ($ 23,400).

In 2017, the government imposed a controversial 15% of income tax on two categories of work visas on holiday for expatriates from eight countries, widely known as the Traveler Labor Tax.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said an estimated 75,000 foreigners could recover hundreds of millions of dollars from the Australian Tax Authority.