Sir Charles Gadner Hospital in Perth in the early hours of Monday morningHe was evacuated from Darwin with his wife, who tested positive for HIV, earlier this month and returned to Perth on February 21.

Heads of Australian supermarkets have warned that the coronary virus may affect chocolate and chips biscuit stocks with suppliers having difficulty getting certain packages from China.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday that there are many indications that the Coronavirus is on the way to becoming a global pandemic and this comes as Australia launched emergency measures to contain the spread of the disease that has infected nearly 80,000 people worldwide and has killed more than 2,700, the vast majority of them In China.

While the spread has slowed down within China, Morrison said that its growth across Europe, Asia and the Americas is likely to turn into a global pandemic.

"We think the threat of a global pandemic is very imminent," he told a news conference in the capital, Canberra.

"We need to take the necessary steps to prepare for such an epidemic," he added.

Morrison is one of the first leaders in the world to acknowledge that the spread of the virus may be out of the global effort to contain it.

Earlier on Thursday, US President Donald Trump said the danger was "very weak" as he assigned his deputy, Mike Pence, to take charge of the country’s handling of the virus.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said that the activation of the contingency plan would include cooperation by the federal government with the interior states to ensure hospitals are prepared to receive any increase in patient numbers.

Australia has recorded 23 people infected with the Corona virus, all of them from China, and 15 have been discharged from hospital. Eight others are still in hospital after they were found infected with the virus after being allowed to leave a cruise ship in Japan.