An air flight witnessed a state of panic among the passengers due to a heart-lung attack of one of the passengers, and the flight attendants and passengers tried to save the man, but to no avail, until he died, while the plane was flying, causing a state of panic and the state of panic did not stop at this only, but it increased among the travelers when it was Later they were told that the man who tried to save his life by themselves had died from the Corona virus.

In a related development, the coroner's office in Louisiana in the United States of America stated that the passenger who died on the flight had been confirmed by reports and examinations that he was infected with the Coronavirus and that he was the cause of his death.

The man's flight was on its way to Los Angeles when a passenger suffered a serious health crisis that ended with his death.

In this context, this incident caused a great state of discomfort among the passengers and the crew, as the man was assisted by the passengers traveling with him on the plane in addition to some flight attendants, who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation to him to help him breathe.

It is worth noting that the traveler who died on board the flight was the cause of the crisis, is Isis Hernandez, aged about 69, and was accompanied by his wife on the trip.

And he caused a state of annoyance when she heard the man’s wife telling the nurses that her husband had symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus before they traveled, and that the results of his tests were positive proving that he was infected with the virus, but he had admitted in a paper asking passengers to fill in them before boarding the flight that he He does not have symptoms of Corona, as he stated that his test is not positive, according to what the airline United Airlines reported, thus denying its prior knowledge of the man being infected with the Corona virus.