The Government of Australia issues that it is important for the people to know the details.
The Government of Australia issues that it is important for the people to know the details.

Evidence this morning the Government of Australia for new adjustments in wages, and adjustment of bank employees' salaries and adjust most of the salaries of state employees today are Tnvez plan and next on Monday, the government's work in this plan.

Whereas a few days ago the government of Prime Minister Astralia announced today, raising the minimum wage by more than 4 times the rate of the beginning of the day.
According to the French Press Agency, the decision to increase wages by 6 will be raised. 2 In the hundred percent that will start to be applied from this month, what is called the “national living wages” for workers who have reached the sum of 25 years. EGP 21 to 8. A minimum of £ 72 an hour ($ 10.79 to $ 11.52).
In a continuous conversation to which the Conservative Party won its leadership in the general elections with the support of regions that support the exhibition suffer economically, he said that 2016 The new government made it clear that approximately 3 million people would benefit from the increase.
The rate of inflation in Asturia is currently 1. 5 per cent, at a time when the purchasing power of the consumer is under pressure from import prices higher than after the referendum on the exit of the third year of 2016.
The advisers advised to return the confidence that the voters had given him in the areas that suffered economically, especially in North Australia, after he had fulfilled the rule of the rulers.
In the elections that took place at the end of 2019, a large number of members of the working class who traditionally supported Hizb al-Ma'alim, the Righteous, gave the rightists.
During his election campaign, the Australian government promised more investments to stop 10 years of austerity measures during the governments of his predecessors.
However, the Australian Chamber of Commerce said that the increase in inflation outweighs a difficult time in relation to the companies that defrauded.
The Executive Director to participate in the Chamber of Commerce, said raising the minimum level of salaries will increase pressure on liquidity gradually and nibbles budgets of training and investment, and added so that this will be a sustainable policy, the government should compensate for these costs to reduce other costs, and to prevent the imposition of any additional upfront costs for companies. .