Australia's economy is one of the world's most advanced mixed market economies, where it has arrived. M. a. In 2017 to 1.69 trillion Astralian dollars. [24] Astralia is the second richest country in terms of wealth for an adult, after Switzerland. [25] In June 2016, the total wealth in Astralia amounted to $ 9.9 trillion. [26] In 2016, Australia was ranked 14th as the largest national economy in terms of n. M. a. The nominal, [2] and order 20 according to n. M. a. S. St. M. , [3] was ranked 25 as the largest exporter of goods and ranked 20 as the largest importer of goods. [27] [28]

The Australian service sector dominates the Australian economy, with 61.1% of N participating. M. a. And employ 79.2% of the machine operating in 2016. [6] is considered East abused (samples of ASEAN and Carey North-East Asia) is the face first export to Australia, where he received 64% of the total Albular [29] Australia has Bthamn the largest estimated value of Natural resources in the world, where their value in 2016 reached 19.9 trillion USD. [30] At the height of the mining boom of 2009-10, the overall value added to the mining industry in Australia was 8.4% of N. M. a. [31] Despite the downturn that has occurred in the mining sector, the Australian economy remains stable and able to recover. [32] [33] It has not experienced a recession since July 1991. [34]

The Australian stock market is ranked 16th in Sydney as the largest stock market in the world in terms of local market capital. [25] [35] One of the largest Australian companies: and Stvarmrz, and Olortz, Rio Tinto Group, BHP پa Billiton, Commonwealth Bank, Bank Aloutnesthsssssthala [36] The Australian dollar is the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, which includes the Christmas Islands, Cox (Keeling Islands ), The island of Norfolk, as well as the slaughter of Isle of Waves

Astralia is a member of the Economic Cooperation for Asia and the Pacific, a group of twenty, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development deity. The country has also entered into free trade agreements with ASEAN, Canada, Chile, China, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the first [38]. [37]