The Ministry of Education revises the date for resuming studies in Nigeria
The Ministry of Education revises the date for resuming studies in Nigeria

The Ministry of Education in Nigeria announces the date to resume classes

The office of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth in Nigeria has established, during the past three years (2018-2019-2020) twenty educational centers of various sizes.

Each center contains a mosque, a well, a Quranic school, and classrooms supervised by the Ministry of Education in 14 Nigerian regions.

In its construction of these centers, the global symposium focuses on the poorest and most needy northern regions and states, where the education rate is low, the illiteracy rate is high, and the miserable and strenuous life behind it.

The centers established by the symposium in Nigeria are highly appreciated by the people in the areas where they have been implemented. Because of its multiple services, it provided them with places of worship, teaching the Qur’an, and educational opportunities for their children, as well as providing them with safe drinking water in a dry, arid environment in which water is scarce.

The director of the seminar office in Nigeria said: These centers are among the projects that achieve the basics of human and community construction and meet the necessary needs of Muslims (educational, devotional and service), and Nigeria is one of the countries most in need of these projects. For the vastness of its area and the density of its population, which reaches 200 million people.

He added that the value of these centers is felt by the people and by the officials who always praise the efforts of the global symposium and renew their confidence in its programs and good cooperation as a partner in the development of Nigerian society, and affirm their gratitude to the Kingdom of the government and people, and praise its distinguished humanitarian donation that renews and extends its goodness and humanity to various African societies.