prices for gasoline
prices for gasoline

Everyone is waiting for gasoline prices, as Saudi Aramco announced today the prices of gasoline, after the added value, to surprise everyone, and unexpected reactions were through social networking sites

Today, the value-added tax rate has been raised to 15%, in effect for all goods and services subject to it in the commercial markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after a royal order to amend Article (2) has been issued. Of the VAT system, which includes raising the tax rate from 5 to 15% on May 11.

The General Authority of Zakat and Income called on all taxpayers registered in VAT to verify the readiness of their facilities, and learn about all transitional provisions related to raising the tax rate, by reviewing the guidelines for transitional provisions related to raising the value-added tax rate.

The authority also urged citizens and residents to ascertain the elements of the tax invoice, which is "store name, date of purchase, tax number, and value-added tax fund", calling for cooperation and reporting any violation if these items are not available through the authority's website (gazt). and via the (VAT) application for smartphones.

Aramco revealed through its website and Aramco said on its website: 91 gasoline has become 0.98 riyals per liter, and 95 gasoline has become 1.18 riyals per liter, 0.52 diesel, 0.70 kerosene, 0.75 LPG.

Gasoline prices for the month of May were: Gasoline 91: 0.67 riyals per liter, and Gasoline 95: 0.82 riyals per liter.

It is noteworthy that prices are reviewed in the Kingdom on a monthly basis to reduce consumer exposure to fluctuations in export prices.