Top Korean official situation on Korean Peninsula at crossroads

First Deputy Chairman of the State Council and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly Choi Ryong-hee called on the United States to abandon hostile policy toward North Korea, saying the current situation on the Korean Peninsula is "at a crossroads." According to the North Korean Central News Agency, on Tuesday.

Choi criticized South Korea and urged it to take the lead in improving inter-Korean relations in a speech to the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Azerbaijan, the South's Yonhap news agency reported Tuesday.

"The current situation on the Korean Peninsula is at a crossroads between going to a lasting peace and returning to the crisis," Choi said.

"One year has passed since the adoption of the joint statement between North Korea and the United States. But their relations do not show any improvement and the situation on the Korean Peninsula remains stuck in the vicious cycle of escalating tension. This is due to US policy toward North Korea and its political and military provocations." Continuing. "

He said that despite the historic declarations reached by the two Koreas last year, their relations have not progressed, and "the reason is entirely due to the South's dependence on external forces."