UAE.. Reducing traffic points and retrieving the

Abu Dhabi Police stressed the importance of the role of programs and courses for reducing traffic points and retrieving driving licenses in modifying the behavior of vehicle drivers and reducing traffic accidents, noting that it continues to provide the service via video conferencing technology (remotely) in Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra and Al Ain.

She pointed out that the courses are available in several languages ​​(Arabic, English and Urdu), with the provision of services to respond to the inquiries of the auditors, and to register those wishing to join the training programs, in order to enhance the concept of communication with the public through their phone call to the direct Aounak exchange number (8003333).

It revealed that 1001 drivers of vehicles registered against them in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi benefited from the traffic points reduction courses, during the first half of this year as part of the efforts of the Traffic Points Programs Section.
The traffic points reduction system provides three programs that allow traffic violations to review their behavior and abide by the laws and regulations. The first program benefits every driver holding a driver’s license and traffic points are registered against him from (8 to 23) points, and the program is allowed to enter once a year. For each traffic precedent, eight points are reduced if he passes the course, and the second program benefits people from whom driving licenses have been withdrawn, and who exceed the cumulative limit of traffic points 24 points from owners of first, second and third traffic records, including temporary and permanent licenses, and one of its conditions is that the license be withdrawn. Actually, the legal period of withdrawal has been met, while the third program targets every driver of a vehicle with a violation that includes its seizure.

One of the conditions for registering in the program is to review the driver who violated traffic, provided that the vehicle was not actually impounded, and to pay the violation after completing the training program.

Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to abide by the traffic laws and regulations, and not to commit violations that result in recording points in their traffic record, which may amount to withdrawing their license, stopping them from driving and impounding the vehicle.