Uganda has announced restrictions on visitors from 16 countries with a large number of HIV cases, including China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Spain.

Two individuals are admitted to medical clinic after they were shot by cops conveyed to uphold President Museveni's suspension of open vehicle in an offer to forestall the spread of coronavirus. 

Alex Olyem and Kasim Ssebude who are at present admitted to Mukono general clinic were shot while riding on a bike in Goma Division Mukono Region. 

Oryem was shot in the leg while Ssebude was shot in the stomach. The two development laborers were heading out from Seeta to Namugongo when they were caught by police. 

Police blamed them for resisting the presidential orders. 

Oryem revealed to Day by day Screen that he was ignorant of the presidential mandates since he didn't watch news on Wednesday evening when President Museveni reported the new preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus. 

The president said boda cyclists would not be permitted to move travelers. 

"As we were going to work, we met two officials who blocked us and censured us for being two on a bike. At the point when we attempted to ask the officials what offense we had submitted, they just began taking shots at us," Oryem said. 

They said the cops previously shot two projectiles noticeable all around before taking shots at them. 

Kampala metropolitan police representative, Mr Patrick Onyango, said the two were shot after they supposedly attempted to assault a cop. 

"After police halted them, they attempted to assault our officials. He initially discharged admonition shots noticeable all around. Individuals ought not challenge presidential orders planned for forestalling the spread of coronavirus in Uganda," he said. 

Uganda has so far affirmed 14 instances of coronavirus pandemic which has unleashed devastation in various pieces of the world.