Urgent.. 6000 people applied for residency and citizenship and then found out that it was fake

Thousands of Pakistanis were shocked to discover that the country for which they had applied for residency and citizenship was a virtual fictitious one.

Ladonia or the so-called state is located in the southwest of Sweden, which is a nature reserve in the northwest of the city of Arrild, located on a rocky beach that is accessible only by one way (by boat), or by a very arduous 45-minute journey.

The country of Ladonia is distinguished by two huge creative works: Nimis and Arx.

It is worth noting that during the past year 2020, about 3,000 Pakistani citizens applied for "immigrant status".

It is noteworthy that they obtained approval for immigration status, as citizenship is granted to all who apply.

But the Pakistani immigration applicants began looking for the Ladonia embassy and how to communicate with it and reach it and thus to Ladonia there, and then they discovered that the idea of ​​actually moving to it is not possible because it is very simply a virtual country that does not exist with its own site in the virtual world only.

Felix, who gave himself the title of Minister of State for Ladonia, had made statements to the press in which he explained that a month ago he had been receiving requests for citizenship from Pakistan, and requests increased rapidly, and then they began to ask about the location of the Ladonia embassy in Pakistan via e-mail.

It is noteworthy that the Swedish artist and activist Larch founded the state of Ladonia in 1996 as part of his protest against the Swedish authorities' attempt to remove his artwork, which he built in a picturesque location in Skåne, southern Sweden.

Felix announced his dissatisfaction with giving the site false hope to people who want to obtain citizenship. Therefore, Felix announced the closure of the Ladonia site after he was shocked by the application of about 6 thousand Pakistanis to apply for citizenship.

But he quickly announced, sarcastically, that he had spoken with the Minister of State for the Internet in Ladonia to reopen its website with the addition of the warning that La Dunia is a virtual state that does not provide jobs, housing or anything else.