Because of the emerging coronavirus, a delivery worker puts 72 families in quarantine.

After the detection of a new Corona pizza delivery agent, dozens of families live in a state of panic south of the Indian capital, Delhi, for fear that they have received the infection.

The governor of South Delhi province, BM Mishra, said that the worker was handling pizza orders to one of the famous restaurant chains in Malfaya Nagar district, and that he had been infected with the virus, which led to immediate measures to ensure it was not spread, according to Sky News.

The official explained that all employees of the restaurant have undergone corona tests, and the results of all of them have been negative so far, according to the Indian news network, "IANS".

As for the houses that the branch handled the orders to, they were all tracked to show that the number of families who received the pizza from there reached 72.

The authorities forced all families living in these homes to submit to a domestic quarantine.

It is reported that the well-known food delivery service "Zomato" dealt with that branch.

However, "Zomato" issued a statement saying that "the checks of all of the injured colleagues were negative, but as a precaution, the restaurant where he was working, suspended his work."