Hours earlier, the Israeli army command issued a statement, today, Thursday; About the sound of the explosion in the Dimona region, which includes the famous nuclear reactor.

Sirens sounded in the Abu Qurainat area in southern Israel near the Dimona nuclear reactor, and the Israeli occupation army announced in a statement that a surface-to-air missile was launched from Syria towards an aircraft, and it fell in the occupied Negev, as the Israeli air defense systems failed to address it.

The occupation army also stated that a missile fired from Syria landed in the Negev region, and the Israeli Air Force targeted the launch pad and other platforms.

For his part, an Israeli official confirmed that the initial examination of the warning in the Dimona area showed that a missile had landed in the area, but that its source was not the Gaza Strip.

Sirens were heard near the Israeli nuclear reactor, Dimona. What may indicate a possible missile attack.

Some residents of Bedouin communities near Dimona confirmed that our homes were shaken by the size of the explosion that occurred after the warning sirens sounded, according to what was published by the Saudi Sada newspaper.