Urgent.. a mysterious disease that affects the brain begins to spread and affects embassy staff

According to e-mails sent by Philip Goldberg, the US ambassador to Colombia, as well as a number of other officials, to all employees of the US Embassy in Bogota, the relevant authorities have already begun a full investigation of some individuals that have been identified as possible cases. For a new mysterious disease that falls under the health anomalies.

In a related context, according to what was published by the Wall Street Journal, an email was sent a few days ago, during the month of September 2021, through the employees of the American Embassy, ​​who reported the monitoring of an “unjustified” health incident.

The response of the US authorities to the embassy staff came on October 1, 2021, less than two weeks ago, in which they told them that the Regional Security Office began investigations and searches for “additional abnormal health incidents”, and this term is adopted by the US government when talking about the strange Havana syndrome, stressing the need to report Seriously when anyone develops symptoms because they are working hard for comprehensive knowledge about who has contracted the mysterious virus.

On the other hand, a senior official revealed that there are two cases of American citizens, and it is expected that others will be infected, and that there is at least one family that the competent authorities have flown outside the country to obtain treatment.