Urgent.. a new crisis facing travelers when heading to these destinations

The emergence of a new crisis among travelers to London airports in Britain due to the error of employees.

A well-informed source stated that travelers to London were exposed to a great predicament, as they were prevented from traveling after it was found that there were cases of discrepancy in one or some of the Latin letters in the names between the passport and the name printed in the vaccination certificate, which puts travelers in a real crisis because the visa that will be entered into The country and the PCR examination that he will conduct there, his data correspond to the letter of the passport.

The source stated that when entering the restaurant's data, some employees changed letters, either by mistake or based on the Latin letters contained in the civil ID, not the passport.

With this crisis, some travelers who have been exposed to the crisis ask why the Ministry of Health does not have an office at the airport to correct these mistakes instead of charging the traveler with their price? And why are there no electronic solutions through communication (online) for the amendment? .. Instead of returning the passengers and informing them to review the office of (Mosharraf) for correction, knowing that it does not open its doors until after the plane has soared in the sky and with it flight reservations, hotels, BCRs, taxis and any other Other arrangements prior to this, according to Al Rai newspaper.