Urgent..a passenger plane crashes into a building

Italian media reported that a light plane crashed into a vacant office building near Milan shortly after takeoff, killing eight people.

Firefighters also announced that the pilot, a crew member and six passengers all died in the accident, and that among the victims was a child.

It is worth noting that the tourist plane had taken off from Milan Linate airport and crashed a few kilometers later on its way to Olbia in Sardinia.
Firefighters also reported that the building on which the plane crashed had caught fire and was badly damaged. There was no one inside the building due to the renovation work.
It was not immediately clear what caused the plane crash, but the impact was devastating

For their part, some eyewitnesses reported that one of the plane's engines caught fire, and then the plane plunged down without any maneuvers, it seems, according to what was reported by the Emirates Today newspaper.