Urgent: A passenger plane had a serious accident while approaching the airport

French aviation safety investigators have opened an investigation after an Air France plane approaching Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris suffered a "serious accident".

The French office that investigates aviation accidents and aviation safety said that the "Boeing 777" had a serious accident, noting that "instability in flight controls, shifts and flight path fluctuations" was reported.

French officials said an air traffic control audio recording related to the incident, in which one of the pilots said: "The plane was kind of out of control."

According to tracking data from FlightAware and FlightRadar24, the flight was coming from JFK and circled the airport before being able to land at Charles de Gaulle Airport after the second attempt.

And Air France confirmed in a statement that the flight crew “did not land in the usual way and took a tour,” noting that the flight crew “landed the plane normally after the second attempt.”

"Air France understands and regrets the inconvenience experienced by customers," she said, without specifying how many people were on the plane.

The authorities, aircraft manufacturers and Air France define this procedure as normal. Crews are regularly trained and instructed in these procedures that all airlines use to ensure the safety of flights and passengers