Urgent| A plane crashed.. on board a prominent figure, his family and others... No one survived

In an urgent matter, a few hours ago, some military statements came from the authorities in India according to the crash and crash of one of the planes of the Indian forces, a military helicopter that encountered an emergency event while in flight.

In this context, urgent news was received shortly before that a Mi-17V5 plane crashed in India, with a prominent figure on board, his family and others, in addition to the crew of the plane, but none of them survived.

In a related context, the Indian authorities issued an urgent statement hours ago, revealing the death of a prominent statesman, Bipin Rawat, who holds the position of Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, in a sudden helicopter crash.

In this context, the Indian Air Force revealed that the Chief of Staff, Bipin Rawat, along with his wife, as well as about eleven other people and four crew members were unable to escape due to the crash of a military helicopter they were all on board in the south of India on Wednesday corresponding to December 8, 2021.

On the other hand, the Indian Air Force indicated, through a new tweet that was published on the social networking site Twitter, that the matter happened today, Wednesday, around noon, in an area near the town of Coonoor.