Urgent.. a plane crashes after its pilot suffers a heart attack near a residential area

A female passenger took over the leadership of a Dragonfly cruise airliner when the pilot passed out, preventing the plane from colliding with apartment buildings.

The 66-year-old pilot suffered a heart attack while flying in the sky over the town of Bloenik after thirty minutes of flying, and the passenger, who was not fluent in piloting aircraft, managed to control the light plane with two seats, and at the last moment she did not let it fall on residential homes, as quoted. Ouest-France".

According to eyewitnesses, the woman also maneuvered to prevent the plane from crashing into a public car park.

As a result, the plane crashed into a swampy area. What led to the death of the pilot, but the woman "was not seriously hurt", and rescuers reached her, who was in shock, and she was taken to hospital.