Urgent..Adjustment of travel procedures at airports for travelers to these destinations

The Thai authorities have canceled “Corona” tests when vaccinated travelers arrive in the country from Sunday, in addition to facilitating quarantine for the unvaccinated.

However, tourists still need to obtain an entry permit by uploading the vaccination certificate and medical insurance, with a minimum coverage of $10,000, onto the Thailand Pass system.

This means that vaccinated travelers no longer need to book a hotel for one night to wait for a test result. In the meantime, it is advised to monitor their symptoms themselves so that if they develop and they confirm the presence of infection using a quick test, they should seek medical help.

As for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated tourists, from today they can not be subject to mandatory quarantine if they publish in the Thailand Pass the results of the corona test 72 hours before the trip. At the same time, those wishing to undergo a 5-day quarantine must pay the hotel price for this period of time and the cost of transporting them from the airport to the hotel, and take a corona test on the fourth or fifth day after their arrival in the country.