Urgent change of travel rules and procedures to and from several destinations..Details

The world changes the rules of travel because of Omicron .. Egypt takes exceptional measures towards arrivals from 7 African countries .. America imposes a PCR examination one day before travel .. France and Russia require the analysis to be carried out 48 hours before the flight

The spread of the new Corona virus mutated, which the World Health Organization called “Omicron”, and said that it is highly contagious, has raised global concern, and several countries have changed travel rules as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the mutant and its transmission through travelers.

The Egyptian state has taken several exceptional measures to limit any possibility of the mutated virus reaching Egypt, foremost of which came by taking strict precautionary measures towards the countries in which the new Corona virus, Omicron, is prevalent, especially the seven African countries (South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Namibia). And Eswatini), in the case of indirect access (transit) through Cairo Airport, and the established procedures were applied with regard to conducting a rapid DNA test through modern detectors that were to detect mutated strains of the Corona virus, as part of the state’s plan to combat the spread of the virus, and if The emergence of any positive case that prevents boarding the next plane, and the passenger returns on the same plane on which he is coming, while for those coming from those countries by indirect flight (transit) and Cairo represents their final destination. Non-Egyptians are not allowed to enter, and the airline is obligated to return the positive case, with followers All preventive measures, and with regard to positive cases of Egyptians, they are referred to the Fever Hospital or Al Ain Hospital, while taking all the measures followed

As for the negative test case, the traveler performs a home self-quarantine for a period of 7 days, and continues to be followed up for another seven days through the quarantine team until the end of the maximum period of the virus incubation period, and the PCR test is done at the end of the quarantine period, provided that the airlines and airlines are notified of the procedures Especially with regard to the passenger’s need to sign the self-quarantine procedures before boarding the plane

The French Republic announced the change of travel rules, to and from abroad, in light of the development of the spread of the new Corona mutant “Omicron”, in order to preserve the health condition and its stability, and based on the instructions of the State of France, the Egyptian company demanded of all passengers traveling on its flights from Cairo to Paris, whether from Those who have received vaccinations against the Corona virus or others, it is necessary to submit a PCR analysis with a negative result 48 hours before the flight, or to provide a certificate of analysis (Antigen test) for those over 12 years old

United States of America

And the American Centers for Disease Control and Control stressed the conditions required for travel, by publishing an amendment to the decision to conduct a Covid-19 examination one day before traveling to the United States, stressing that the new mutation raises concern in a special and significant way, so the procedures were modified.

EgyptAir asked travelers from Cairo International Airport to New York and Washington, aged two years and over, to submit a PCR analysis certificate with a negative result or Antigen Test one day before the flight, or submit approved documents stating recovery from the Corona virus within 90 days. day from the date of travel

And the health authorities in Russia decided to reduce the validity period of the negative PCR test result for people coming to Russia to 48 hours instead of 72 hours, in light of the amendments to the precautionary and preventive measures that some countries put in place to travel to to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

As for Russian citizens, they can still enter Russia without a PCR test certificate with a negative result and they can do so within 48 hours instead of 72 hours after they arrive in Russia and upload the test result to the internal Gosuslugi website of the Russian Health Care Administration

The Canadian government has set additional barriers to entry conditions for arriving passengers, whether foreign tourists or Canadians returning from travel, due to fears of the “Omicron” strain mutated from the “Corona” virus, and Canada has banned entry to travelers from Egypt, Nigeria and Malawi, for fear of an outbreak The mutant omicron was infected with the Corona virus, after it imposed the same procedure on seven other African countries, and accordingly EgyptAir announced the suspension of air traffic between Cairo and Toronto, Canada, in implementation of the precautionary measures taken to confront the spread of the mutant omicron, until further notice.