Hours ago, the World Travel and Tourism Council announced an invitation to all travelers around the world to commit to wearing protective face masks in order to enjoy safe travel from infection with the Coronavirus and others.

On a related note, the Council called, in a new statement on Friday, April 16, 2021, as the Council made it clear that many countries of the world began attempts to open borders and cancel the state of closure. By providing protection for travelers.

It is worth noting that the evidence has proven that the country is faster and is not witnessing new mutations of the virus compared to those countries that have not applied it on a large scale.

The council provided its advice to wear masks throughout the travel trip, and when visiting any place inside.

For its part, the Council called on all governments of the world to impose wearing masks, and to seek the support of the private sector in order to alert customers to the importance of commitment to ensure the protection of their health while traveling and the health of other travelers.