Urgent.. Countries start activating travel ban decisions and new procedures for travelers

Canada announced its decision to ban entry to travelers from Egypt as well as three other African countries due to concerns about the Omicron mutant.

The Canadian authorities announced, on Tuesday evening, a ban on entry from 3 African countries, namely Egypt, Malawi and Nigeria, due to fear of the new strain of the Corona virus, Omicron.

Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said in a press conference on Tuesday evening that travelers to Canada from all countries will have to take tests for the Corona virus, regardless of their vaccination status, with the exception of those coming from the United States of America.

He explained that those coming to Canada from all countries allowed to receive travelers will be isolated, until negative test results for the virus are submitted, adding that these measures are a quick reaction from the government to deal with the new strain of Corona or Micron.