The responsible health authorities in the United States of America announced hours ago that a final decision was expected to allow all individuals who received anti-virus vaccines to travel back and forth, and stipulated that they adhere to the application of precautionary measures, wear a mask, and apply social distancing.

In a related development, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced a government intention to allow all individuals who receive anti-virus vaccines who travel within the United States without imposing a quarantine on them and without the need for a negative result of the Corona examination.

As for travelers coming from abroad to the United States, they must adhere to a negative result of the Corona examinations before boarding the plane and impose on them to conduct another corona examination upon their arrival, as well as oblige them to apply quarantine if they are asked to do so by the local authorities.

On the other hand, the US authorities announced that if the vaccinated people want to travel abroad, they can do so without the need to pass the corona examination, unless it is required in the country of arrival.

It is worth noting that these directives and instructions came after the recent increase in travel traffic, especially with the approach of spring vacation, vacation and others.