Today's Kuwait news is now circulated on every social networking site. Strong news from meteorology.

Telling Kuwait today rang expert geological Dr. Ferial Purbaa, alarm bell, warning of «a major earthquake will hit Kuwait», and that what is recorded tremors simple fall in the country, or aftershocks of earthquakes located in neighboring countries, are all signs of a major event will witness the country, Its impact will be devastating.

She Purbaa, told the newspaper «opinion» Kuwait today, that the frequency of small earthquakes occurring or medium power, whether in Kuwait or its neighborhood, on a belt Zagros, must not pass unnoticed, because that strong foreboding, must pay attention to it, the occurrence of strong earthquakes.


Destroyers, whose risks can be minimized or coexist with them with the least amount of losses, through two axes. The first is to establish facilities according to the designed designs. Earthquakes when they occur, and the second raise community awareness of optimal behavior during and after a powerful and destructive earthquakes, because many human losses as a result of misconduct is caused by panic. And it demanded that awareness be through all the media and educational institutions at all levels, and show that the phenomenon of occurrence of earthquakes can be prevented or avoided but can not live with. .