Urgent message regarding suspension and suspension of flights with some destinations

The Taliban assured all airlines of their full cooperation, and expects all airlines and countries, which had previously operated flights to Kabul previously, to resume their flights.

The Taliban demanded all airlines to resume flights to Kabul airport.

The Taliban also confirmed that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its full cooperation.

Lulua Rashid Al-Khater, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, stated through her official account on Twitter that a plane carrying 230 passengers from Afghanistan, America and Europe left Kabul, on Sunday, September 19, to Qatar, explaining that this is the fourth flight carrying civilians from Afghanistan to Qatar since the withdrawal of US forces last month.

It is worth noting that Qatar Airways was the one that operated the flight, carrying 230 passengers, including Afghans and Americans, as well as citizens of Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, France, Italy, Britain, Finland and the Netherlands.

For its part, Iranian "Mahan Air" confirmed that passenger flights between Iran and Afghanistan resumed on Wednesday, September 15, noting that a plane belonging to the Iranian "Mahan Air" company landed at this Kabul airport, according to what Al-Shorouk newspaper reported.