Urgent.. Mysterious reasons for the crash of a passenger plane with 132 passengers on board

In urgent news, hours ago, according to investigation reports, there was a state of mystery regarding the causes of the crash of a passenger plane carrying 132 passengers.

Chinese authorities said today they need more time to determine the cause of the China Eastern Airlines plane crash last month, providing little new evidence into the mystery that killed 132 people, all crew and passengers.

According to a one-page summary of the China Civil Aviation Administration report, investigators are still working on analyzing data from the black boxes of the Chinese Boeing 737-800NG plane, Bloomberg News reported.

She added that there was no evidence of any mechanical failure before the flight, a weather problem or a problem with the qualifications of the pilots.

The lack of concrete results after a month of searching for the wreckage of the March 21 plane and other data indicates that China is particularly cautious about the investigation and public disclosure of its findings.