air travelers
air travelers

Imposing new prohibitions on air travelers.

Passengers traveling to or from Italy will not be able to use the luggage compartment above their seats in the aircraft after the Italian Civil Aviation Authority considered it a health hazard.

The decision was made by a government decree that resulted from fears of a wider spread of the new Corona virus, requiring travelers to carry a small bag that can be placed under the opposite seat.

The aim of the decision is to prevent contact between passengers and limit movement in aircraft. The Italian Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that passengers are not required to pay an additional amount to register their bags.

The Italian Kodacons Association for Consumer Protection welcomed the decision, considering that it would prevent the chaos that sometimes occurs in the plane when passengers put their luggage in the cabin over the seat.

In this regard, the association added, the Italians are among the most undisciplined travelers in Europe, as they cause delayed flights and waiting lines that will now increase the risk of infection.

Italy was the first country to report cases of coronavirus in Europe. The number of deaths in the virus has reached more than 34,600.