Urgent.. Starting to impose restrictions on travel and travelers..Details

The new mutant of the Corona virus, called Omicron, dashed the hopes of the travel sector, which had begun to recover, and the new wave was one of the most important reasons for the return of restrictions.

In this context, the "Omicron" mutant and its spread very quickly caused the outbreak of a new wave of travel restrictions and prompted passengers to start canceling or postponing travel reservations.

It is noteworthy that a number of international airlines have indicated that the next few months will witness a state of weakness in travel traffic due to the ambiguity of Corona restrictions and measures.

On the other hand, the American company, Boeing, which specializes in the manufacture of aircraft internally, announced that it would suspend its requirement to obligate its employees to obtain the Corona vaccine for all employees working within the United States.

In a related development, Michael O'Leary, who holds the position of CEO of Ryanair, has demanded that non-passengers who have received the Corona vaccine be not allowed to board planes, according to the British newspaper, "Telegraph".

Ryanair expects passenger transport operations to decline by less than 10% during (December) due to the developments of the new hub.