Corona virus
Corona virus

Corona virus develops significantly in all countries of the world and many people are infected with it and scientists will not be able to find a cure for it yet.

"After the spread of Covid-19, some countries imposed restrictions on travel and entry of flight and passenger crews, causing Emirates to adjust its schedule of operations, either by reducing the number of flights or canceling them to certain destinations," said Adel Al-Reda, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Airlines. , Explaining that "these adjustments to the operations schedule have resulted in more resources than are required in some areas of daily work."

In a statement, "Emirates Today" received a copy of it, "Al-Rida added," According to our strategy, we consider our employees as our most valuable asset, and our goal is always to protect them and limit any negative impacts on them during global crises or difficult economic conditions, and given the abundance of resources to increase On the need, temporarily, in some departments and departments, and the desire of employees to take advantage of their vacations, we have given them the option to apply and take advantage of their vacation balance or to apply for voluntary unpaid leave for up to one month. ”

He explained that "to deal with the developments of the virus, we have fully activated (Crisis Management Center) since January to closely monitor the situation and take decisive action in all areas of our business," noting that "these measures included providing health instructions to our employees, and implementing procedures at the airport to meet the requirements of Traveling to certain countries, as well as adjusting our flight schedule and adjusting seat capacity to meet the demand for travel across different regions, "he added." While we have seen some slowdowns in certain markets, other regions have registered high demand. "

"We put the safety and health of our customers and our employees at the top of our list of priorities, and we never tolerate this, as we are in continuous communication with international and local health authorities to make sure to keep abreast and apply the latest medical guidelines and directives. If we report any suspected or confirmed cases of infectious diseases on a particular flight, we perform a comprehensive sterilization of the aircraft, and we urge our clients to adhere to personal hygiene and follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization and local health authorities.

"We have witnessed difficult circumstances in the past, and we have emerged stronger, because we always focus on the important aspects of our business, which is to provide the best products and services to our customers, and to continue innovation and excellence," Al-Reda said.