Urgent statement regarding travel to and from the Emirates, Kuwait and other countries during the coming period

A few hours ago, an urgent statement was received regarding travel and the movement of travelers to and from Egypt, the UAE and Kuwait during the coming period on the occasion of the New Year's celebrations and the holidays, as it was revealed that Turkey, Dubai and Egypt are the most prominent and important travel destinations for Kuwaiti citizens during the coming days for the New Year holidays.

In this context, as the New Year period approaches, offers are increasing from various parties that can provide fun and happiness for family members and young people, to spend the New Year holidays in a distinctive way. Some individuals and families resort to travel and spend about four days, while others spend about two weeks and more and others will not travel. In this case, they will spend the night in a restaurant, hotel, chalet, farm or other due to the lack of recreational and tourist options available in Kuwait.

On the other hand, planning for the travel process has now become cautious due to the Omicron mutation, and some countries have tightened travel procedures again, although the travel sector is still in the recovery stage from the travel crisis during the past year.

The most important destinations that Kuwaitis resort to to travel and spend the New Year holidays:

The list of the most important destinations for the holiday came to Kuwait, two Arab countries and other countries, and these destinations are: (Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, and London) and these are the most important destinations in the list of increased demand for travel to it for the New Year holidays.