The Turkish authorities specialized in " law enforcement" revealed in an urgent statement today that they did not find any bombs after a careful search was conducted on two passenger planes belonging to the Turkish Airlines fleet, due to a report that was found lying before the takeoff of both planes in which the informants were claiming the presence of explosives On board the aircraft, according to the Cumhuriyet News Agency.

According to what was reported hours ago by the official media in Turkey, the two planes concerned with the false report were heading to Germany, where one of them was heading to. Both planes are scheduled to fly to Munich and the other to Stuttgart.

The Turkish authorities revealed that as soon as the report was received, the planes were stopped taking off and transferred to a safe area inside Istanbul Airport, and then law enforcement officers began to conduct close inspections to find the explosives.

The Turkish authorities did not reveal the amount of time that was spent on inspecting the two planes and searching operations, but what was confirmed is that flights to Germany were delayed and damaged today by a false report.

It is worth noting that this incident coincided with the airlines' efforts to gradually resume flights after they were stopped due to the closure resulting from the consequences of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.