Urgent| The crash of a plane... on board a prominent figure, his family and others.. none of them survived

A small passenger plane encountered an emergency malfunction, which resulted in its crash and fall in the Dominican Republic, and none of its passengers, including the crew, children and a celebrity, were able to survive.

It was announced that about nine people were unable to survive, all of whom were on board a passenger plane that had a tragic accident that caused the plane to crash after it suffered emergency problems and attempted an emergency landing that did not succeed.

And media outlets revealed the ill-fated passenger plane was on its way to complete a flight from Santo Domingo Airport, the capital of the Dominican Republic, to Miami in the United States of America.

In a related context, the Heldusa company, the owner of the plane, issued a new statement, announcing the following: "With great sadness, the Helidosa company announces that its plane suffered a tragic accident at Las Americas Airport (Santo Domingo Airport) in the Dominican Republic, which caused the loss of all its passengers. Plus the crew for their lives.

The stricken Gulfstream plane had three crew members on board, two pilots and a stewardess. The number of passengers was six, including two children, a four-year-old and a 13-year-old. Among the passengers were Puerto Rican music producer Jose Angel Hernandez and his wife.

According to this document, the plane took off for Orlando, while the company said in its statement that its plane was headed to Miami.