postpone travel

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the French capital, Paris, on its official platform on social media, sent an urgent message to citizens that they should wait at the present time and postpone travel to Paris at the present time.

In this context, the country's embassy made it clear that it is better to postpone travel plans to Paris for the time being, until the current matters stabilize and the currently volatile security situation in Paris stabilizes.

On the other hand, the UAE embassy in Paris, the French capital, made it clear that the situation is currently still cautious and that the French security forces continue to pursue terrorists in the Paris suburb.

For its part, the embassy indicated in its statement that the state of emergency continues to be activated on French soil, and the French police have been given the right to search people and cars and raid homes without judicial permission.

The embassy has warned that anyone who resists these measures will be immediately arrested by the security authorities. Therefore, the embassy has called on all Emirati citizens present in any region of France to take precautions and abide by their places of residence and not to leave due to the unfortunate events taking place in Paris.
It is worth noting that air traffic continues between the Emirates and France, as well as the Schengen visa exemption system for Emiratis, but there is an increase in the tightening of security and inspection procedures.

In its tweets, the embassy recommended the necessity of registering for my presence service, and communicating with the embassy in emergency cases on: 0144340200, or on the mobile: 0033642697327.