Hours ago, the American authorities announced the details of what happened at an airport in Texas, specifically at the San Antonio airport, where the city police announced that they had the ability to eliminate a person who had terrified the safe and fired randomly inside the city's international airport.

According to what was published by Russia today, the San Antonio city police chief revealed that one of the individuals was carrying a weapon and then managed to approach a section of San Antonio airport, riding his car, and immediately one of the police officers present at the site dealt with him as soon as he got out of the car and shot Towards the police officer and the airport building.

On the other hand, the US authorities indicated that the incident did not cause casualties or casualties, but the attacker lost his life inside the hospital corridors, succumbing to his injury.

In a related development, the US authorities revealed that the attacker was a mentally ill person and that the police had been accompanying him for a long time.

In this context, the US President has mentioned in more than one forum that the proliferation of weapons is a major cause of the spread of violence, which is a dangerous epidemic and international disgrace.