The General Authority of Civil Aviation in the United Arab Emirates has taken a new and urgent decision to suspend all flights for all airlines coming from India, from direct flights and transit passengers coming from the Republic of India, and a new exception has been issued for transit passengers from incoming flights to the UAE Destined for India.

In a related development, the General Authority of Civil Aviation issued a new statement in which it required travelers coming from the Republic of India through other countries that their stay in these countries should not be less than 14 days until they are allowed to enter the Emirates.

The new statement clarified that the decision to suspend flights will be implemented, starting from 23:59 on Saturday 24 April 2021.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation and Emergency and Crisis Management specified that the suspension decision will continue for a period of 10 days, accepting the extension, with the continuation of cargo flights between the two countries, India and the UAE.

A new decision was issued by the General Civil Aviation Authority in which it identified the categories excluded from the suspension decision, namely Emirati nationals, as well as diplomatic missions between India and the Emirates, as well as all official delegations between the two countries, in addition to business planes as well as golden residence owners, provided that preventive measures are applied to them, which is quarantine for a period of time. 10 days and a PCR examination at the airport, then on the fourth and eighth day of entering the UAE.

It is worth noting that these measures came in the context of confronting the Corona pandemic, as India has recently witnessed very serious developments in this regard.