The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, "Emirates Airlines", announced, hours ago, its new decision to extend the flight ban and ban entry to those coming from the State of South Africa heading to Dubai airports, until April 30, 2021.

Emirates Airlines clarified, through new statements that it published on its official platform, its official website, on the Internet, that this decision came in compliance with the directives of the government issued earlier to ban entry of passengers coming to the United Arab Emirates from South Africa.

On the other hand, the national carrier made it clear by stating it on its official website, saying that it will operate all flights and transport passengers on a daily basis from the UAE to airports, which are the flights that carry the number EK763.

Emirates Airlines has confirmed that flights with EK 764 coming from Johannesburg will continue to be banned, according to the suspension decision.

In this context, Emirates Airlines has pointed out that passengers and travelers who have been confirmed to have visited South Africa, or who have crossed through them within 14 days, are not allowed to travel via Emirates Airlines flying to Dubai.

Emirates Airlines apologized for any inconvenience and invited those affected by the recent decisions to contact a travel agent or contact the Emirates Airline Contact Center.