Weather tomorrow
Weather tomorrow

Rainfall in varying areas that last for several days, a new alert after reading the illustrative maps | Learn about the regions covered by rain and dust forecasts.

Weather in UAE:
In this context, the National Meteorological Center stated that the country is expected to witness weather fluctuations as a result of being affected by a surface air depression from the Red Sea coinciding with an upper low air stretch from the west, working on the movement of various formations of clouds from the west, most of them high and medium interspersed with some low clouds accompanied by Rain of varying intensity occurs at intervals and in separate areas of the country, with an opportunity for lightning and thunder.

And the center expected that the clouds will begin to advance to the western regions with the expansion of the air depression in the upper atmosphere, and then to some coastal regions and islands, with a chance of separate rains. Starting on Wednesday

The Center stated that with the beginning of Friday to Sunday you will witness the deepening of the air depression, with an increase in the amount of moisture in the upper atmosphere, which leads to the development of clouds to be punctuated by some cumulative clouds on separate areas of the country accompanied by rain of varying intensity with an opportunity for lightning and thunder to occur at times Some areas.

According to what Emirates newspaper published today, it will reduce the overall weather situation with the beginning of Monday and the clouds decrease.

The center pointed out that the wind will be southeasterly to northeasterly, turning from Sunday evening to northwesterly, being moderate to energetic, sometimes strong on the sea, and with clouds, and provoking dust and dust on open areas that lead to low horizontal visibility.

The Saudi weather during the coming hours:

In this context, large parts of the Kingdom are affected by unstable weather conditions, accompanied by thunderstorms and the activity of the southwest winds that raise dust in large areas. According to Saudi weather reports, the beginning of the impact of weather fluctuations on Tuesday in the form of active winds and dust

According to what was published by the Saudi weather, it is expected that the weather fluctuations, God willing, will begin with activity on Tuesday for the southwest winds that raise dust and dust, and that it is expected to affect large areas of the Kingdom, in varying intensity, which may work at times to reduce the extent of horizontal visibility due to dust Archeology in Afif, Hail, Qassim, and possibly the northern border region, will move on Wednesday to concentrate in the north of the east, the areas of Hafar Al-Batin and the State of Kuwait

Where the chances of rain begin, God willing, with the hours of noon Tuesday, beginning with the western highlands of the Kingdom, and here we talk about the highlands of Jizan, Asir and Al-Baha, and even some highlands in Taif, where it is expected to multiply thunderstorm clouds and showers of rain, which may sometimes be heavy in some of these areas , Amid expectations that it will continue until the end of the week

The Saudi weather also added that with the hours of Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening, a cold air mass coming from the Levant towards the north of Saudi Arabia, along with the presence of a warm air mass across the Arabian Peninsula, will rush towards the Kingdom, in addition to a blow to wet winds coming from the Arabian Gulf. These weather elements will create a situation This air system will work, God willing, to multiply rain clouds in the northern border region, Hail, Qassim, Hafar Al-Batin, and Al Sharqiya, and parts of the Riyadh region, and it will work, God willing, to show thunder showers from the rain, in total to light to medium screwing up , Including the capital Riyadh.

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman are witnessing some weather fluctuations, accumulating rain clouds, low temperatures and dust due to the effects of the new weather situation.