Urgent .. 60% increase in the average prices of airline tickets

Recruitment campaign: 10,000 new jobs by the end of the fiscal year

Urgent instructions from the Ministry of Health after detecting the first case of monkeypox

Urgent.. Starting to monitor monkeypox cases in the Emirates

Abu Dhabi: 35% discount on traffic violations

Urgent.. One week deadline for violators of entry and residence laws

20 dirhams for each day a fine for delaying .. Conditions for renewing the identity of residents

Procedures for moving from work when the employer terminates the employee's service

Urgent.. New instructions for all travelers through Dubai airports

Mohammed bin Rashid promises citizens and residents a structural change in some sectors

Transferring the salary to the bank account despite the absence from work

Sharjah: A job opportunity with a salary of 25 thousand dirhams..Details

The decision to pay employees’ financial contributions for paid and unpaid leave

Dubai Islamic Bank donates and pays rent for struggling families

Details of the incident of a foreign resident assaulting a police officer

Urgent.. Gulf countries begin to ban travel to 16 countries..Details

Free shopping bags canceled at the beginning of next month "June"

Providing free job advice to job seekers in the UAE

UAE: 100 thousand free licenses to be granted to employees on the “Government 01” platform

Urgent.. Employees in the state are granted 60% of their basic salary due to the "unemployment" system

Cancellation and modification of some travel procedures for travelers to several regions

Urgent.. Categories allowed to obtain green residency for 5 years

Green residence visa in the UAE .. and how to obtain it?

The new five-year visas for those coming to the UAE...Details