Urgent .. many countries are preparing to start the second wave of the spread of the Corona virus

Urgent .. Half a million people were isolated due to the risks of Corona

An unpleasant surprise about the emerging corona virus

Urgent. Some past customs and procedures are banned on some flights

The decision "Education and Knowledge" regarding students studying in schools

"Meteorology" warns of strong winds and high waves

Kuwaiti residents are awaiting the decision to return air traffic

Emirates Airlines sets conditions for expatriates to return to the Emirates

Airlines publish new travel procedures guide for travelers

Kuwait | When to return to work in government departments

Important advice from World Health Organization

Gold price increased insanely to the highest level in 8 years

Some Gulf countries announce the payment of 6 months of rent

Development of a new vaccine to prevent infection with Corona virus »for more than two years

Airlines issue an important statement for travelers

An initiative to keep rent exemptions in some Gulf countries

Some Arab countries decide to exempt the tourist visa for all citizens of the world

Because of Corona ... an important warning to the population in the coming period

Airlines decide when to operate scheduled flights

Corona virus found in water in some regions of the world

Airlines introduce new conditions and procedures for travelers

Strange symptoms begin to appear in people with coronavirus

Offering 5 drugs to treat the citizens and residents infected with the Coruna virus

Flights are launched in order to leave the arrivals to their countries